What we don’t do – wait whaaaaaaat?🤨

March 17th 2022

Many companies tell you what they do, and not being a normal/average trades company, Michael and I want to tell you what we don’t do! 🤪

We don’t give our customers the hard sell. We may call to check you have received your quote and if you have any questions about it. Once we know you have our quote, you don’t hear from us. We don’t call you every 2 days pressuring you, offering you 50% off if you went ahead in the next 10 seconds! We know you have our quote; we know you are doing your research into us; we know that if you wanted to spend your hard-earned money with us, we would hear from you once you have made up your mind.

We don’t treat our customers like a cash cow, we want to take pride in the service we provide you, this really is at the core of our business and if you are unhappy or need anything explained please do give us a call. We also don’t do any upselling – if you don’t need something then we won’t suggest it, if you want something extra, we will of course be led by you the customer.

We don’t outsource your new garage door to be fitted by “others” – 😱! Our fitters have been trained (by us and our manufacturers) and have worked for us for a very long time. That sort of specialist experience you just can’t buy. It really does take time to learn the skills we ask of our fitters. We like to look after our guys, making sure they have the right PPE and branded clothing. Yes, they might have smears (silicone) on their work wear from stains they can’t get out, we call that the mark of hard work! Once it’s finished with, we might even frame it as abstract art! 🤣

We don’t like our customers to be unhappy or regretful of their purchase, if after fitting you have any issues, get in touch, we might be able to do something to make it better for you!

We don’t charge a call out fee – the cost we quote over the phone is for an engineer to come out and fix/service your door. If parts are required, then these will be an extra charge.

We don’t charge you twice, we have a six-month warranty on our garage door services, if after our visit you need more lubrication and the team need to drop by to do this, then you won’t be charged again for that visit, if after a month you might lose your key and need a new lock? We will only charge you for the lock, not another labour charge.

We don’t give our customer estimates/prices/quotes on the back of a business card/fag packet – we follow all our quotes visits up formally in writing, this is fully broken down, so it matches with the brochure you have, that way you understand what you are getting and paying for.

Michael and Simone

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