Garage Door Advice

Tayside Garage Doors has been around since 1993, and in that time, we’ve had quite a lot of experience with all things garage doors. Here are some of the most common issues we get asked about.

Dealing with the worst - getting locked out!

If you have no other way in or out of your garage other than your garage door then we recommend you fit an external release if your door is electrically operated. This allows you to release your garage door from the operator should you lose/damage your remote handset.

This means that you can still work the door manually until we can come and tune in a new handset to your operator.

Your handset is uniquely matched to your operator so no other handset will work other than your own. This means that we cannot simply quickly order a standard replacement handset, as it won’t automatically operate your door.

We will always be happy to come out to assess whether or not we can break in or need to use other methods. We can understand this is a very stressful situation for our customers and we recommend storing a spare working handset should the worst happen and we can in most cases retrofit external releases should you not have one.

Some external releases use a lock that accesses a cord that you pull to release the operator and some external releases will use a lock to allow you to use a crank handle to open the door. As always keep the keys for your external release away from the garage, and the same for the crank handle if you have one.

Garage Door Maintenance

Now that you have your nice garage door the best way to maintain it is to wipe out the guide rails with an old cloth/rag, then get a clean cloth/rag and spray a little silicone spray onto the cloth and wipe it into the rails. We recommend doing this once a year. We can come out and service your door for you but the call out fee will normally apply. Sometimes it’s also worth while giving your door a clean maybe after you have washed your car you can give your door a once over. We have seen cases of garage doors not closing properly due to weeds and chunks of grass so check around for that too and of course removing any stones or debris will help too.

In the winter in cases of ice and snowy conditions we recommend a sprinkling of salt where your garage door meets the ground and that will help free your door a little easier. Remember too much salt and it will freeze too! Nuts I know!

We also have a Facebook page where we put our tips and suggestions so keep an eye out!

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