What to expect from Tayside Garage Doors Limited

March 15th 2024

What to expect when working with us? I still hear stories of people receiving quotes on post it notes and customers don’t know have a clue what they are getting for that figure! Worse still they might not have even given you the price with VAT included, so you could or could not be in for an extra 20% on top of the post it note price! EEK the uncertainty of it all and its not for a small amount of money either. We think if you are spending any amount of money, that you be fully informed about what we will do for you. You can also read everything we send you at your pace, taking away any feelings of pressure.

Here is a general outline of our processes of what you can expect from us:

  • If you call up asking for a cost for a new garage door, we will always give you a guide cost before booking you in the diary, we feel this gives you time to think about the costs in relation to the budget you had in mind and of course if you wanted to compare our costs to other suppliers.
  • When you have a site survey booked, its in our diary and we will visit when we say we will. If there are problems with staffing or other jobs running over, we will contact you personally about this. After all your time is important too.
  • Once you have had your site survey, we will follow this up with a written quote the next day with a full breakdown. This is normally sent via email and if you like to use the post then this will likely be with you in the days following that visit. We also do the same if parts are needed for repairs that we are unaware of at the time of booking you in the diary.
  • If you want to go ahead and work with us for a repair or a new door then we then ask for you to confirm this in writing so there is no confusion of what quote you would like to go for. We never action anything without your written permission. That way you know there is no obligation to order from us. We may contact you after we have sent your quote to ensure you have it. Once that has happened, we won’t contact you again after as we feel like that might make you feel pressured into ordering, and we don’t want that.
  • Once you go ahead with us, we then send you a deposit invoice with an order confirmation for you to check over, this is the point where you might need to check your current car or future car fits in the garage, if you need help with that, we are just on the end of the phone to advise.
  • Once you are happy that we have everything right, you then pay your 50% deposit allowing us to order the door, we don’t normally take deposits for repairs.
  • We will then place the order for you and will wait on this being made in the factory and arriving in to stock here. You can contact us any time during this period to check on the status.
  • Once this is in stock, we then assess the diary and call you to arrange the installation or repair. We never just turn up at your property without your knowledge.
  • If your door has been installed and there are no manufacturing defects, we then send you the final invoice for payment within 7 days. IF there are any manufacturing defects then we will contact the manufacturer for rectification and keep you in the loop. We do not send an invoice and there will be no expectation for you to pay until these faults have been resolved.
  • We are then here after install for any questions you have about the product, just give us a call anytime.
  • We leave servicing up to the request of the customer. As its something that you pay for, again we feel like its your right to decide if you want to arrange this, however the manufacturer may ask for service history if you need to claim warranty. During the warranty period, it might be worth doing to avoid any complications when claiming.
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