We will plant a tree with every invoice we raise 🌲🌳🌴

December 06th 2022

We seen our friends at Timber (highly recommended by the way) recently pledge to plant a tree for every invoice they raise. We have been looking into this for quite some time but never found a company that would work with a small business like ours.

We have been looking into ways to achieve net zero for quite some time, we even thought about solar panels but with the life span they have it wouldn’t be the best zero option in our opinion. We have many areas to improve on, but our main area of concern is the carbon footprint we accumulate every year getting to and from customers properties. Soon we will be able to calculate accurately what our carbon footprint is using Ecologi Zero, once this has been rolled out to our industry. From there we can really see how much we need to do in order to make a Climate Positive change for the better. Until then, we figured planting some trees and using the options of offsetting tonnes of CO2, all done through Ecologi.

For every invoice we raise we pledge to plant a tree. You will see this listed on your invoice and if you follow this link you can check on our progress with how many trees we have funded. https://ecologi.com/taysidegaragedoorslt

With Ecology you can set up a monthly plan for your family or business, if you do so you can use this link and Ecologi will plant an extra 30 trees for you and for us! https://ecologi.com/taysidegaragedoorslt?r=638f3f4f224db807b7d0914c how amazing is that?

Small steps taken by many, will make a huge impact!

Simone and Michael 🥰

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