Showroom Visits Update 16/08/21

August 16th 2021

It’s been a week since you have not needed to book a showroom visit, and we do appreciate those that have taken the time to arrange an appointment, this allows us to be prepared for your visit, so if you know you want to come in, you’re most welcome to still get it booked into the diary.

We have also had quite a lot of visitors just in the passing and it’s been lovely seeing your faces again, well half your faces!

So, what will happen when you make your way to our showroom you ask? We have nice sandwich board with instructions and a QR code you might have seen at many places you’ve visited that allows you to check in, if you can’t do this with your phone, no need to worry we would just take your details and save them to the diary for you. The sandwich board just lets you know that we will unlock the door once our desks are cleared, and we have our masks on. If you’re waiting a while, it might be we are on a call and cannot come to the door yet, to let you in. We do see you and will let you in as soon as we can.

As always we do appreciate your patience and understanding. ☺

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