Showroom Visits by Appointment! YAY! 😁

May 27th 2021

So the showroom is open for visits as of the 1st of June 21. These are still booked by appointment only between the hours of 12-2pm. The reason for this is to make sure we have your contact details, should the track and trace team need to contact you. Please note if you have come into contact with someone with Covid we would expect the appointment to be cancelled, as is the same if you contract Covid yourself. We are trying to limit the time people are in the showroom to 15 minutes (its a small space) so if you have sizes and would like a price this will be sent on after your visit. Please do not be offended by us wiping things you have touched, it for everyone’s protection. If you turn up without an appointment you will be likely turned away, this is down to management of our workload. We would like all customers to wear a mask and use sanitiser, if you have no mask we will provide you with one that you will need to dispose of after your visit.

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