How do I look after my garage door?

May 06th 2022

Some people ask the question of “How do I look after my garage door? Should I be servicing my garage door?” From the manufacturers point of view, this should be done yearly, if you want to keep your warranty valid. The manufacturer knows this reduces the need to replace parts under warranty if the door is maintained regularly and correctly. It’s especially of benefit around a year after fitting, before the bad weather sets in. As it is a mechanical item, it needs lubrication to keep it running well. In the cold months lack of lubrication is a major issue on doors that are not used as often as intended, so perhaps those only using once or twice a month will have more issues than those using it daily. Using it daily allows the lubrication to be moved around the working parts, and in the warm months the lubrication is at a nice temperature to be more fluid and will move around your door easier. Getting a service before the cold weather sets in is the best advice we can give. Dirt and oil freezing together will cause the door to stick and jam if left this way. Our current cost for servicing is £90 including the VAT.  

What maintenance can I do to keep my door in good condition? Keeping your door clean is a must, especially for the Roller Doors. Keeping your door clean front and back, a bucket of warm mild soapy water and a soft sponge/cloth will be perfect. Never use a hose or a pressure washer on your garage door, however tempting it might be its not worth the damage it may cause. Lubricating the moving parts on the door itself will also be of benefit if you’re not managing to book in for a service, just give us a call to ask us what lubrication we recommend for your door.

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