Covid Sucks?! 😷

September 08th 2020

We are only accepting visits by appointment only, urgh its annoying right? 😤

Well, there are a number of reasons for this during this unsettling time of the pandemic, that we ask you to arrange a showroom visit and not just turn up.

Firstly, we need to gain your correct contact details for track and trace, should we be unfortunate to come into contact with anyone with the virus we will let you know and pass on your details to the NHS. We also like to ask you at the time of booking if you have been in contact with anyone with the virus or have the virus type symptoms and if your able to wear a mask as well.

Secondly, we need to clear the desk area of anything that cannot be sanitised or wiped.

Thirdly, it takes us at the very least 20 minutes to clean after a visit and this all depends on what was touched so this could take longer. We have special surface sanitiser that needs to sit on the surfaces for 4-5 minutes before we can wipe the excess off.

Lastly, there could already be another set of customers in the showroom and as it’s a small space we cannot accept multiple households in at the same time, this is for the protection of our visitors and our staff. So, if you turn up and see people inside, wearing masks please do not assume they work here or are friends and family, they are booked visitors that find it distressing when people try to come in. There is a massive sandwich board beside the door with instructions as well as a sign stuck to the door in case the sandwich board is overlooked. 🙈

As you can tell there is a lot of work involved in showroom visits which is why it’s just appointment only, we need to have time to do our other work as well as the cleaning too. Until this virus is controllable these rules will not change for our showroom visits. We are trying our very best to protect visitors and staff.

We will always be assessing the situation to make things easier for people, but please we beg you to stop and read the sign, and be kind when we are answering the door advising you of the appointment process, we understand tempers are uncontrolled during this time, however we deserve to be able to be at work without people intimidating us or shouting at us. This will not help anyone. If you haven’t made an appointment and are needing something then I may well admit you on the understanding that you will be providing me with all relevant contact details for track and trace, if however you are abusive when I open the door because you have read the sign and got angry, do not expect me to allow you entry? Would you like to be in a small environment after someone has just yelled at you? Nope?? So look, read the sign and if I see you hovering and open the door, be nice? You might get what you needed. 🤷‍♀️ Yes Covid does indeed suck – big time – however lets have some forethought for the greater good of everyone.

A big thank you to all of the customers that are really kind about our rules and are happy to follow them, during this time of high anxiety and stress its really appreciated. 😊

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