Showroom Visits

April 06th 2022

Do I need to book a showroom visit?

  • Are you coming to look at what popular door types are available?
  • You would like to look at the colours after site survey?
  • You have plans and need guidance on how to make sure your new garage is future proof?

Then booking a showroom visit will give you 100% of our attention. After all its an expensive purchase. You deserve that! 😉

We have noticed that making appointments during the pandemic has helped immensely and therefore we want to continue that. We have been able to provide our visitors with our undivided attention and taking the time needed to go over the options without anyone feeling rushed. It also helps us manage our workload as well as checking if you have any covid like symptoms and asking you not to visit if you do. Yes, we are all vaccinated but that doesn’t mean we want to catch it.

We also find that if we have customers in the showroom and we are going over options relating to their individual circumstances, if someone is waiting in the showroom to be shown around, then they may overhear something that is not relevant to them, and it could cause confusion on site survey or fitting day. We also prefer it when people don’t feel rushed by another customer waiting to be attended to.

We also book showroom visits for remote control purchases and batteries. Arranging an appointment for these ensures we have stock of what you need. At the moment our manufacturers are having stock issues, we would hate you to have a wasted journey if what you want isn’t available.

If you are looking for spare parts and want to pick these up, please call us to tell us what you need – there are no generic parts that fit all garage doors. It’s a bit like buying parts for any mechanical item, it needs to be specifically made for it. Calling or emailing us will also allow us to check stock for you and give you a price.

If you want to drop by to pay an invoice, we kindly ask that you call up to pay over the phone. We are trying to remain as cashless as possible for many reasons.

If you want to come by to discuss a repair or ask for advice about your door, we find this is much easier if you are at your garage door when you call us. There will be many questions we will ask you about your door specifically and being beside the door will make this simpler.

That sums up why we are staying appointment only going forward. We will have masks available for those that would like us to wear masks when they have a visit.

Simone and Michael 😁

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