Guide to choosing the right Electric Roller Door

August 16th 2021

Roller Door Comparison Guide

So, you might have seen the advert above in the paper nearly every day, right? Your thinking “oooh, what a bargain!” Next you’re wondering how much your local supplier might be? You give us a call and are confused by the cost difference?

Well, here’s where you start – Do some research:

What are they really offering? Is it safe? The Door and Hardware Federation have a few rules around domestic electric roller doors, the main one with the door being sold as “hold to run” via remote control. Here is a video about Roller Door Safety from the Door and Hardware Federation.

Can you afford to replace your new garage door after a few years (it could last longer)? That saying buy cheap, buy twice really comes to mind here.

Here’s just some of great reasons to buy through us:

  • We are a Which? Approved Trusted Trader
  • We are a Dundee Trusted Trader
  • We have lots of independent reviews which are anonymous and reliable
  • We offer servicing and repairs, and we have skills to work efficiently and the knowledge to know what’s needed
  • We hire and train our own fitters to a high standard
  • We offer our best price when quoting every time. We hate those hard sell companies that offer a million percent off for going ahead that day, week, month, or year!
  • We are proud to be Premium Partners with our chosen manufacturers, offering exclusive products and warranties.

I could go on 🥱🤣

Our Roller Door Manufacturer has given you a comparison guide for why their roller door is the best, so you can see for yourself there really is no competition with these cheaper companies, because its not like for like.

SWS Guide

Of course, if you still want to buy a door from these other companies, we can’t stop you, but do find out if the company you use offer servicing and repairs or if they only fit new doors? You will need servicing and repairs in the future so its always best to ask. If they don’t offer this then you will be looking around for a company who can, but they may struggle to get you the parts you need.

We hope this guide helps and if you want to see our product in action for yourself then pop into the showroom and see us!

Please keep in mind that this article represents our opinion based on our experiences and customer feedback.

Simone and Michael 😃


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