Have you thought about what would happen if your garage doors fails?

June 15th 2022

Have you thought about how to get in/out of your garage if there is a power cut, the door stops working or in an emergency?

If you are one of those people that has important things in their garage or needs to use the garage door daily?

How do you know this is you?

Here are a few examples of what I hear from customers on what is in their garage or how they use their doors etc.

  • The garage door is used as a main entrance into the home and the front door is hardly used.
  • The garage has a freezer in there that you need access to anytime.
  • The garage has electrical switches.
  • The garage has your boiler inside.
  • You have a mobility scooter or use for wheelchair access.
  • Storing a pram or kid’s bikes.
  • The garage is used to store bins.
  • The garage has the gardening equipment. 
  • Used for business purposes, such as tools or materials storage. 
  • Used for general storage that you need frequent access to.
  • The most traditional use of all, your car.

If any of the above, is you – when things go wrong with your door it’s a big deal, these things are essential to your daily life and it will be stressful 😤 and likely make you panic, when the door fails.

Our advice is to make sure you have more than one remote or key for you garage door, just like any of the external doors in your home its best to have a spare. If you are down to your last key or last remote, then this will make things more difficult and likely add extra stress when you lose said items.

Most garage doors don’t have the option to buy an extra key from the manufacturer (only Gliderol Single Skinned Rollers can do this, but you will need the lock number from the inside of the door) if you are on your last key, pop to your nearest lock shop and get one cut.

If you only have one remote, its best to have a spare or check with us to see if it’s a commonly stocked remote. Not all remotes are kept in stock or available to get from our suppliers.

It’s also best advice to make sure your door is well looked after, so that might be performing regular maintenance, by getting booked in for a service with us or at the very least lubricate the moving parts on the door and keep it clean inside and out. If your door is electric, we recommend you make yourself (and anyone that lives with you) familiar with the release function, which you would use in the event of a power cut, motor malfunction or door malfunction. If you have no side door then make sure you know how to use the emergency release and ensure its in good working order, (the knot is tight or release is not stiff and hard to use) if you don’t have one that works or haven’t got one then get booked in for this to be fixed/replaced/fitted, this may end up saving any damage done to your door to gain entry.

You might even have a side door to your garage that hasn’t worked in years, or even worse, its been blocked from the inside with a washing machine! Make sure you have a usable access inside your garage, whether its electric or manual. Get that lock replaced, move the washing machine so you can get round it! These things are more cost effective than us breaking into your garage.

I know you’re thinking that all this advice  is obvious, but I do hear from lots of people that just don’t know what the options are, or that they think we have a stock of keys for every garage door we have fitted (since 1993 😱 that’s a lot of keys to have stored somewhere), we do find a lot of people think that any remote would work their door, that’s not the case and this will need to be individually paired with your operator. Its also much cheaper to get a key cut than the cost of an engineer visit and a lock change – the same goes for a new remote, some of these can be tuned (from a working remote) in here in the showroom, so its just the price of the remote instead of an engineer visit and a new remote.

Think of the money, stress and panic you can save with a bit of forward planning. 😁😁

I hope this advice helps and if you need any prices get in touch.

Michael and Simone 😄


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