Up and Over Garage Doors

There are two main types of up and over doors; canopy doors and retractable doors. Read on for more information on which might be best suited to your garage and needs.

We use 2 manufacturers for these doors, Hörmann and Garador giving you plenty of choice.

Canopy Doors

Canopy doors are the traditional garage doors that allow extra drive-through width, not achieved with the retractable door. This is because the lifting mechanism is contained above the door. The maximum size limit is 8ft x 7ft. Canopy doors are available in an electric garage door design, but require a “bow arm” which can make the door a little jumpy and reduce drive through height. If an electric up and over door is required, we recommend the retractable design. So at the quoting stage if we ask if you plan to make your door automatic in the future its not to up sell (we don’t do that) its to make sure you get the right door for the future too.

All canopy doors are available in a choice of steel, timber, GRP (glass reinforced polyester) and ABS (the same stuff car bumpers are made of!) with a variety of finishes, glazing and handles. You can even design your own door with the open for infill. There are also matching side doors available. If your after extra security there is also the optional 4 point locking fitted at factory or retrospectively to suitable Hormann or Garador up and over doors.

Looking for something Made in Britain? Then Garador is the manufacturer for you! They have 33 steel designs, available in 19 colours, designs for Rosewood and Golden Oak, and 3 designs available to upgrade to Secured by Design. Garador also offer odd sizes so you can get the perfect fit! They also do side doors as well as a wide range of steel side hinged doors.

Canopy Garage Door

Hörmann Canopy Garage Door

To find out more about canopy garage doors, please watch this video from Hörmann that explains the features of this design.

Retractable Garage Door

Retractable doors are similar to canopy doors in style and finish but have a different lifting mechanism contained at both sides of the door. Ideally suited for electric operators, which can also be fitted retrospectively to suitable doors. Sizes from 6ft 6 x 6ft 6 to 14ft x 7ft. The retractable garage door also offers the option of having “retractable plus” gearing which means there is a bend in the metal next to where the springs are to allow for wing mirror room. The optional 4 point locking is also available for this door should you need something more secure than the 2 point locking.

Retractable Garage Door

Hormann Retractable Garage Door

The retractable garage door opens all the way up into the garage, leaving no overhang. To find out more about the features of this design, please watch the video below.

Up and Over Garage Door Maintenance

All manufacturers advise servicing your garage door once a year. See our servicing page for more information.

See manufacturers brochure for extensive examples or design your own.

Matching side doors also available.

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