Side Hinged Doors

Do you use your garage as storage? Is your garage door not used very often?

Side hung garage doors might be the best option for you!

Over the many years of experiences, we have with you, our customer, whether its through repairs or purchasing new products, we find more and more people are using their garages for different purposes. Storage being the number one use, whether its your favourite childhood toys you just can’t part with or your seasonal decorations, lawn mowers, bins, the list goes on.

We have 2 options available for the side hinged doors, either insulated or non-insulated. You can have them opening equally (2 doors of the same size) or opening asymmetrically (one door is off set 1/3 2/3). There are many designs, and colours to choose from as well as some having the option of windows too.

Our suppliers for these products are TeckenTrup and Hörmann for the insulated options and Garador for the non-insulated.


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