Insulated Garage Doors

Protect your home with an insulated garage door!

Winter is always fast approaching, it seems we’re all starting to notice the temperature dropping, so it’s time to batten down the hatches and seal up any draughty areas of your home.

Garages are a great place to start, because you could make a major difference with just one single change…

Save Money on Your Heating Today With an Insulated Garage Door

Chose between our two most popular Insulated Doors the 42mm Hörmann Sectional garage door or the SWS UK 8-12mm thick Insulated Roller garage door.

Hörmann Sectional

Superior Draught-Proofing with 42mm Insulation

Insulated Sectional Doors are particularly great for windy areas because they are sealed all around! Banish the draughts with our secure draught-proof seal.

So if that bedroom above your garage is feeling the chill, then why not visit our Showroom and see the thickness for yourself. In the image to the right, you can see the insulation is much thicker than the width of a 50p coin!

Drive into your garage with ease thanks to our space-maximising sectional garage door, and enjoy that extra storage space thanks to our minimalist behind-the-opening fit.

We'll help you achieve the unique look you want with our stylish range of colours & designs, and get the perfect fit every time with our large range of sizes from 6” 10 wide and up.

Enjoy a cosy garage for a change, with our super thick 42mm of garage door insulation.

SWS Insulated Roller Door

Benefits of an Insulated Roller Garage Door

Drive into your garage with ease using just the touch of a button! All insulated rollers we sell come with electric operator as standard.

Make use of more storage space in your garage thanks to our minimalist behind-the-opening fit, with no rails you can have storage options almost anywhere.

Achieve the unique look you want with a large range of colours to chose from.

Get the perfect fit with our large range of sizes from as little as 1500mm wide to 5400mm wide with heights up to 3500mm.

Come and feel the temperature difference in our showroom today! We have a door leading to our stock room which is always cold and this insulated roller door keeps our showroom warm.

The image on the right is a piece of lath from the roller door, so this is how thick they are.

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