Front Doors

There are a number of front doors available from our suppliers Hormann, and Sidey. These range from composite right up to aluminium. Scroll down for more information.

Our Selection of Front Doors

Hörmann Thermo46 – Made of steel, with PU foam infill and a thermal break being 46mm thick, this door offers a U value of up to 1.1.  There are two frame options a round style or rectangle. Many styles coming optionally without side elements to allow for more security up to RC2 certification. There is a standard 5 point security lock with some styles having the option to have RC2 equipment added to give you even more security. There are 12 door styles to chose from ranging from classic to modern, with 16 colours and 5 decograin options including the exclusive  to Hormann Titan Metallic! There are many glazing options as well as side elements, and transoms and handle variants. There is one on display in our showroom.

Hörmann Thermo65 – Made the same as the ThermoPro door but this is 65mm thick and offers a U value of up to 0.87. The frame also has the PU foam infill as well as a thermal break and is also available in round or rectangle. There is a thermal break in the threshold that alas has triple sealing, thus improving this doors thermal insulation level. This door is available in 8 styles and has the same offerings as the ThermoPro. This door can also be unlocked with a finger scanner or a remote handset! We also have a ThermoPlus door for you to see in the showroom.

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Hörmann ThermoSafe – Much like the build of the ThermoPro and the ThermoPlus but taking it much further by using Aluminium instead of steel and being 73mm thick with a thermal break on the inside giving these the U value of 0.8. There is the same standard 5 point locking with the option to upgrade to RC2 or RC3 security equipment. Having over 70 designs from classic to modern and available in 18 preferred colours, a large selection of handles, glazings, transoms, side elements and even an automatic door opener! This really is the door of your dreams

Sidey Composite – A Sidey GRP Composite door offers fantastic security thanks to its rigid polymer sub frame, high density CFC-free polyurethane foam core, high impact resistant GRP skin and high quality multi-point locks. These doors have PAS 24 2012 Enhanced Security accreditation and Secured by Design endorsement. These doors are also low maintenance thanks to the design.

Hörmann Composite – Truedor (GRP) by Hörmann, all doors are manufactured in their new state of the art facility in the UK. Their composite doors are fitted with high security multipoint locking systems as standard. These locks meet the requirements of PAS 23/24 and are tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 1303 Building Hardware – Cylinders for Locks. TRIPLE HINGE-BOLTS To take the security of their composite doors to an even higher level, and they also supply our specially designed dog bolt system as standard. This involves two sets of triple hinge-bolts that secure the composite door to the frame, protecting you against intruders. Designed to complement their existing high security multi-point lock.

Secured by Design approved UAP Kinetica Kitemarked high security 3 Star Cylinder, now available across the Hörmann Truedor range. The cylinder is designed and tested to ensure that if it is attacked from the outside it can still be opened from inside, ensuring that the door will continue to be secure and safe to use and will function as normal for the homeowner.

With an absolutely huge range of colours and designs you will be able to find a front door that suits your home easily.

Products on display in our showroom:

  • Hörmann Thermo65 Style THP 700B in Anthracite Grey
  • Hörmann Thermo46 Style TPS 900D in Golden Oak
  • Hörmann Truedor – Watch this space one coming to our showroom soon! 😊



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