Garage Door Conversions or Wider Apertures

Do you need your garage door to be wider? Perhaps even going as far as replacing two doors with just one large door? We can help with that.

2 into 1 – our process for this is a telephone consultation with Michael. He will ask questions about the construction of your garage, information about your lintel, and how the outside of your garage is finished i.e. decorative stone, render, or roughcasting. He will then be able to advise you of a ballpark figure should this work involve the builder we use. If our builder doesn’t work in your area then we would be happy to liaise with your builder about what is required for your new garage door to have an ideal installation. With 2 into 1 you will need to consult with your local council’s planning department to ensure you won’t need a building warrant or planning permission. I know most will question that last sentence, however it is best to ask for advice as 70% of the jobs we do like this need permission.

Wider Opening/Aperture – for this we just need you to email some images over to Michael will need a full image of the outside, a full image of the front of the inside where the garage door is and then from outside with the garage door open so he can see the whole of the garage construction from inside your garage. Just let us know what you fancy door wise, your address and phone number and we will contact you with a ballpark figure for this. Most cases of making the opening wider will not need you to seek advice from the council, but it is always safer to check – advise them what the width is at the moment and what width you want when you call them.

See below some of our 2 into 1 jobs…

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