We like to think of ourselves as a product, and in order to make sure Tayside Garage Doors is the best product out there for you, we hold ourselves to a high standard and are proud of the number of services we offer to our customers. Here are just a few of the ways in which we go the extra mile.


Sectional doors are space-saving allowing you to park right in front of the door. These can also be fitted to any opening shape because they are fitted behind. Automatic sectional doors are great for security as they are sealed on all sides. Sectional doors need little maintenance; just an oiling twice a year. To find out more


Canopy doors are the traditional garage doors that allow extra drive-through width, not achieved with the retractable door. This is because the lifting mechanism is contained above the door. The maximum size limit is 8ft x 7ft. Canopy doors are available in an electric garage door design, but require a “bow arm” which can make the door


A roller garage door provides plenty of space in front of the garage allowing you to park right up to the door if space is tight. It also has the added bonus of utilising the space in your garage as the door hardly takes up any room in the ceiling area. Maintenance Most roller garage doors require


If you have an existing garage door or want a new electric door we have an operator for your needs. From the basic “Liftronic” standard “Promatic” up to the “Supramatic” there is an operator for every garage door. No power? No problem, the “Promatic Akku” can be fitted with a battery and can be charged from the


If your garage door is in need of repair we can supply spare parts or come out and repair your garage door. Cables are the most common item to break and if we can’t source the correct cable then we can normally make one up on site. Other items such as locks, spindles, cones, rollers and handles

Hand Transmitters

For a variety of hand transmitters, we supply a range of manufacturers. All we need is the manufacturers name and frequency or a picture is always handy and we can source you a replacement. Keypads, transponders and finger scanners also avalaible.


Thermo Pro from Hormann is an energy saving insulated steel front door with 5 point locking as standard, although 12 point locking is available as an added extra. To find out more about the ThermoPro Entrance Door and its features please watch the video below. Available in a large range of colours, styles, glazing options etc. Brochure


Hormann have a range of steel side doors to tie in with many garage door designs. If you require a paintable wooden side door we can manufacture one to suit your size. Please ask for further information.

BTF Sliding gate operator

We use BFT operators. We can retrofit sliding gate operators and swing gate. We will do a site survey measuring your gates width, height, weight and whether the gate is open or infilled and of course the condition of the gate. Utilising the closest power supply we will channel this to your new gate operator. These are

securoshield built on shutters 2

Security shutters can be ideal if you want peace of mind when you leave your home for a longer period of time, or even if you just want to protect your furnishings from the sun! Security shutters can help deter vandalism of your property, whether it’s commercial or domestic. SWS (Securoshield) is our main supplier for these

hormann industrial sectional doors cladding timber panels

We can fit and supply industrial doors up to 7 meters in width and 4 meters in height. We can offer doors with domestic design panels but with the strength and gearing of more industrial products. We use Hormann as our supplier and for roller versions we use SWS – upon request. Service and repairs – We

What's Going On

Please note that the showroom will be closed on 9th and 10th of April for staff training. Further information to follow.

So I asked the fitting team for pictures of the door fit they are doing today and I got this back! Fun Friday!

The team making giant shelves for the stock room!

So last weekend we have started organising our stock room and starting on a nice back office and kitchen area. What projects are you working on just now?

Garage Door Fitter required for expanding family company who pride themselves in giving good customer service and quality workmanship.
Starting Salary £14,000 per year with flexibility should you prove yourself to be a good asset to our team.
We require you to have experience in Fitting Garage Doors, Windows or Front Doors or some exceptional DIY/Handyperson skills, and an understanding of basic electrics. Having the ability to problem solve is a large part of the job. You will need to have a clean driver’s licence, and an ability to communicate well with us and our customers. You must be smart in appearance and polite in nature. You may be required to do overtime when needed so you must be flexible.
References are required please put these on your CV to save time.
If this sounds like something you would be great at please send us your CV.
Closing date for applications is 5pm Friday 20th February 2015 and interviews for successful applicants are set for Saturday 28th February 2015. Please do not submit your CV if you are unable to make the interview date.

We wanted to wish all of your customers and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Just to let folks know we are closing the showroom on Friday 12th December. We are putting new practices in place to make our customers journey smoother. The phones will still be answered as usual.

So it takes one customer to mention Christmas and now we have the Christmas songs on in the Showroom today! So we were thinking of putting up a tree on Monday? Too early? What do you think?

So I found this today! If you can’t close your garage door because you need a new one then give us a call for a quote visit before the snow comes and this happens! We do lovely insulated garage doors for people with rooms above the garage or if the garage is attached to your home, even if you want to turn it into a nice cinema room! Customers placing orders for Hormann Insulated Sectional garage doors between the winter months of December, January and February will get an extra handset in Winter White for free! Offer ends 5pm February 28th! Call 01382731806 for a quote visit now!

An update to the showroom opening times this week. Today 12th Nov will be closed at 4pm, Thurs 13th will be closing at 3pm and Friday 14th as per last note closed at 2pm. Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause. We also have a meeting in the am …

Due to staff holidays the showroom will be closed from 2pm on Friday 14th of November.

Showroom will be closed from 2pm today. Apologies for any inconvenience

Garage Door Fitter Required for busy expanding family business. Starting Salary £14,000 per year.
You should either have experience in fitting garage doors, windows or front doors, or some really fantastic DIY/handyman skills to apply for this job. You need to have a clean driver’s licence, an ability to communicate well with us and our customers. You need to be presentable and above all willing to take on challenges and “think outside the box”. Having the ability to problem solve is a large part of the job.
If this sounds like something you would be great at and want to join our already amazing team then please send us your CV or your CV with a video introducing yourself, or any example of you thinking outside the box in order to get an interview with us!
website is
Closing date for applications is strictly 3rd November 2014 at 5pm. Interviews for the successful applicants on 15th November 2014.

Our broadband provider is having issues and therefore if you have sent an email we may not have it. We are assured it will be up and running in the next 2-3 hours. Our diary is also reliant on broadband connection and we are calling customers back who …

The showroom will be closed tomorrow that’s 14th of October. Phone calls will be answered when possible or please leave a message on the answer machine.

So I thought I would show you just how thick the hörmann insulated sectional garage door is! 42 mm to be exact. We have one on display in our showroom so why not pop down have a look and grab a brochure! Showroom is open Monday to Friday 9-5!

Just to let you know the showroom will be closing early at 230pm on Friday 19th September due to staff holidays. Calls will be answered as usual until 5pm.

So I seen this whilst surfing for unusual garage doors. This look can be achieved using the open for infill up and over doors. You would have your joiner create this on site. It looks to be frosted perspex or safety glass and some very nicely stained w…

A huge thank you to all that came today to join us in the celebrations! We feel blessed to have all of your support. The Showroom is now perfect and you are welcome to join us Monday to Friday 9-5 to see the garage doors on display. If there are times …

Today’s the BIG DAY!!! The Showroom opening celebration today! You can come and join us anytime between 1pm and 5pm today to meet us all and celebrate with us!

So the signs are up! Can’t wait to see our lovely customers in the showroom!

This was the start and now you can come and see the finished result! a few wee tweaks still to do and still waiting on some samples we will hope come in time!

Just to let you know I will be out of the office from about 1230-230 today. The answer machine will be on so we can call you back. Thanks

We will be out of the office this afternoon for our daughters school play. This is from 130 to around 330-4pm massages and emails will be replied to after this time.

There’s been more done in the showroom but I am not going to show you anymore pictures until it’s finished. That way you will get a real surprise!

More progress on the showroom! All the filler is done and some painting too!

The schools will have their summer holidays soon and someone will be in the office three days per week in this time. Calls will be answered as normal and the fitting/repair/quote teams are working as normal. Should you need to come into the office betw…

Exciting news we have our daughters sports day today and it looks to be going ahead. We will be out of the office from around 1030 to around 1-115ish! All the best for house Guthrie!

So the electrician has been busy we have lights! Out Stevie and Mark been busy filling the many holes today! It looks nearly done but it’s still a long way off yet! A big list, too big to list on here!

So the electrician is here! The lights are going in our showroom as I type this! I would to recommend Rab Low (Carnoustie) to all of our customers should they need his fine services here is the number 01241 852482.

Please be advised no one will be available to answer the phone on 20th may until 130ish due Michael and I being in a meeting. We will contact you after this time. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you

We have had to shut the big garage door because those two nice birdies told their friends how nice it was in here and then they all flew into the window at my desk! I was on the phone with a nice customer at the time who must now think I am a little mad!

The visitors of the flappy kind! If I shut the door I can’t look out at the lovely trees! Will have to get the team to look for signs of nest building!

It’s seems our showroom is causing some excitement for the locals! We’ve had a few fly-by and fly-in for a nosey! Some are even flapping with excitement!

Lots going on in the showroom! The doors are on and the team are in fixing up the walls! We also have 2 work experience boys in from grove this week! Michael is away on a fitting course as well! It’s all go this week! Busy busy busy!

Our daughter is off school unwell today so there will be no one in the office today. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Just to let you know folks the calendar is now full for this week and we are now booking into next week already. The bank holiday has made us super busy!!

Just to let you know that we will be closed Monday 5th May for the bank holiday. Back to normal Tuesday.

We have the doors for the entrance of our showroom!! Big moment am soo happy!

Well after having the Easter Hols off I am ready to get back to work! Show room is progressing nicely too! We will be manning the office for longer hours than usual Monday to Wednesday until 530pm ish. Office hours on Thursday and Friday will be until …

I am back in the office today but out at 1pm because of an important school event, so please be advised that calls between 2pm and 3pm will be unanswered. Leave a message and we will call you back.

Apologies there will be no one in the office today due to a family emergency. The phone calls will still be answered as best we can. Sorry for any inconvenience.

So here’s what we’ve been up to… The showroom is currently getting a ceiling. The decor has mostly been picked and the layout is done. We are about to update our website providing you with more information. Our fitting team will expand with a new team member coming on board very soon! Very exciting times for us here at Tayside Garage Doors! 21 years young this year!!

There will be no one manning the office between 930am-2pm until further notice. Please call 01382731806 if you would like to visit us to check if someone is here. All calls will be answered as normal from 830-5pm. Thanks

Did you know we supply and fit windows for your garage and side and front doors? We use Hormann and Sidey as our main suppliers and we now also use Howdens for that all wood option too!

No one will be manning the office today. Our daughter is unwell so Simone will be at home. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Showroom really starting to take shape!

Had to share this with you! These are the lakes of mount kelimutu, this is one volcano with crater lakes of varying colours, they say that the colours change because of the minerals in the water having a chemical reaction to the gasses from the volcano…

Type of Door
Depth of Garage (mm)
Left Side Room (mm)
Style of Door
Headroom (mm)
Door Opening Height (mm)
Right Side Room (mm)
Door Opening Width (mm)
 Manual Electric Insulation -  Yes No